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      2004 F350
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Click a picture for a larger view.
-Lund Stainless Bug Deflector
-Painted Colour Matched Grill
-Spot Lamps (Moose Hunters)
-Painted Colour Matched Valences
-License Plate Relocated to Stainless Swing Bracket (More airflow to the trans cooler)
-Painted to match mirrors and door handles
-Bremen Composites Fiberglass running boards (Colour matched with accent)
This is the result of stripping the clear coat, sanding the aluminum, and polishing. The polishing was done by Jamie Seabrook at Peterborough Polishing.
-Andersen Tool Aluminum 10K Rapid Hitch
-Polished Stock Tail Pipe
-Stainless Accented Mud Flaps
-Twin Wilson 2000 CB antennas
-14K Reese colour matched fifth wheel hitch
-Custom LED tail lights
-Duplicolor DIY spray in bed liner. (Sprayed half way up box side)
The antennas were mounted with Barjan aluminum mounts to a nut, bolt and spacer through the factory holes in the side of the stake pockets.
-100 Gallon, polished aluminum, International fuel tank on custom steel base pinned to the fifth wheel hitch rail, feeding into the stock filler neck.
Steel fifth wheel tailgate painted to match.
-A 3 gauge color matched pillar with the usual 3 gauges (EGR-Boost-Trans Temp) was added to keep an eye on the vital signs.
-You can see one of the tweeters from the Clarion SRXS5793 5”x7” component door speakers mounted in the pillar.
-A Parrot CK3100 LCD Bluetooth hands free cellular kit was installed behind the access panel under the steering wheel and the LCD screen and mic were installed at eye level on the side of the pillar.
-The antenna on the glass is for the Viper 791XV 2-Way Responder Technology Alarm/remote start.
-The small red push button flashes the marker lights on the truck and trailer for saying “thanks for opening the door” to the other driver.
-The larger round illuminated rocker switch turns the heated mirrors on and off.
-The stock head unit was replaced with this much cooler JVC KD-AVX1 50W x 4 MOSFET Sirius Satellite Radio-Ready CD/DVD Deck with 3" LCD, and then connected to a 7” O/H monitor for the rear.
-Below the head unit, an FM transmitter was installed to send the satellite signal to a radio in the shop while having the truck parked outside the door. (No more pesky commercials for me in the shop.)
-The CB radio is a Cobra 29 NW Classic CB Radio with an Astatic 636L Noise Canceling Microphone connected to twin Center Loaded Wilson Trucker 2000 Antennas.
-Above the CB, is a Tekonsha Prodigy® trailer brake controller.
-To the right of that is the plug in for the Koolatron P20 12V Cooler.
-Moving further right is the switch and gauge for the Firestone Ride-Rite air bags, tank and compressor.
-Below that the Ford AIC has tried to sneak into the picture.
A safe home for the JVC remote where I can always find it. And it will work from there without removing it from the Velcro mount!
-This laptop mount is a Ram-Mount RAM-VB-108-SW1 with the optional bracket for the captain's chair option (it is different from the standard bracket for the 40/20/40 seat).
-The floor is covered with tan Husky Liners. (Including the center one which is sold separately.)
-The AIC made its way into the picture this time.
Inside the glove box, the Sirius Satellite Receiver as well as the 2 Clarion 12db passive crossovers are hidden away.
This is a GM rear view mirror with map light. It was installed in place of the reading lights that were removed when the center interior light was swapped out with a 7" flip-down overhead LCD screen.
Here you can see the custom aluminum spacers used to move the seat up & forward to make room for the sub box.
Under the passenger side rear single seat is a Prowatt 1500W inverter.
-After the seat relocation, room was made for the 1.3 cubic ft. professionally carpeted Sub box housing two Kenwood KFC-W2510 10" 4-ohm subwoofers.
-The Kenwood KAC-8402 4-channel car amplifier at 60 watts RMS x 4 has been set up with 2 of the channels bridged together to drive the subs and the other 2 channels were left seperate to drive the Clarion front door speakers.
-The rear factory speakers are driven by the internal amp of the head unit just to fill in the full range sound at the rear of the cab.
-The electronic box on top of the sub box is a 508D Invisibeam Proximity Sensor connected to the Viper alarm and it has the sole responsibility of keeping the wife’s cats off of the truck.
-Here is a better view of the amp installed on the rear wall of the cab.
-Below the amp is a surplus refrigerator tank to provide air storage for the air bags and an “M” style quick connect for an air line. This tank is fed by the Firestone Heavy Duty 12v air compressor.
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